Optical Gates SG-3
at Skyliner Skyscraper

Unique white color and a unique place of installation


GT-SK Speed Gates
Fast and Reliable Access Control

Perfect design, advanced technical solutions


Turnstiles with
Temperature Detection and Disinfectant Dispenser

Dedicated solutions in times of a pandemic


Optical turnstiles – SG

The SG optical turnstiles are modular gateways with increased capacity. The subtle cuts of the device housing are perfectly combined with the hexagonal, contrasting cover. Bright pictograms built into the covers make it easy to navigate. Glass panels framed in the skeleton of the structure perfectly match the steel body. Vast choice of options on gate finishes to suit different needs. The type of housing finish can be selected by selecting extreme possibilities. The standard equipment of SG optical gates is an advanced detection system integrated with an alarm signal. Emergency situations (eg an attempted passage without authorization) are immediately detected. An additional system protects against overload by stopping the movement of the wings in case of encountering an obstacle.

Optical turnstiles – GT

Modern design and reliability are the hallmarks of the GT optical turnstile model. The control mechanism is closed in a subtly rounded shape. The delicate slants of the fronts give the structure a new dimension. LED indicators are placed in a perfectly visible place. The active part of those optical gates consists of two wings made of transparent tempered glass. Smooth, silent movement of the wings is supported by the mechanical system of the engine and transmission hidden inside the device. Optionally, it is possible to install additional glass separating the space between the wings. The body of the GT sliding gate is made of stainless steel, which ensures high aesthetic finish and stability for many years. The GT sliding gate will be perfect for supporting passenger traffic control at authorization control points at railway stations, airports and water ports, buildings of state offices or various sports facilities.

Full height turnstiles – BA3 / GA3 / MA3

Full height turnstiles are durable devices. Thanks to the use of a reinforced structure, full height turnstiles will prove themselves in particularly protected areas, e.g. sports facilities (stadiums, sports halls), concert stages. The rotor design ensures high gate capacity. The use of a wide, comfortable passage allows for smooth, trouble-free movement of people. The side protection panels prevent the full height turnstile from being traversed the wrong way. It is possible to make a hole in the construction of the turnstile for mounting a reader. High turnstiles offer a wide range of finishing options. The frame of the turnstile is made of a selected type of steel. Color, in the case of powder coated steel, can be selected from a wide range of RAL colors. Rotor  is made of stainless steel (optional: galvanized steel).

Waist-high turnstiles – BR2 / GA2

Waist high turnstiles are based on a solid, steel body. The delicate slants forming the casing of the legs of the device attract attention. The carefully rounded edges of the casing give the whole subtle character. The cover has built-in clear diode pictograms displaying the current status. The housing of the device is characterized by the highest quality of workmanship. Depending on your preferences, you can choose from available types of finishes (stainless steel or powder coated steel). The Waist high turnstile has a modern rotary mechanism that allows you to work in various modes for example one-way operation, two-way operation or two-sided device lock. The arm drop function allows for an emergency, automatic lowering of the active turnstile arm in the case of a power failure (available in devices enriched with the arm drop module).

ADA turnstiles swing gates – HR1 / GR1 / BR1

ADA turnstiles, swing gates are devices most often used as a supplement to access control systems in pedestrian crossings. The uncomplicated construction of tilting gates allows for trouble-free installation and facilitates their possible service.

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