Speed lines – SG – optical gates

The SG Speed Line optical turnstile is a bi-directional gate with increased throughput. The gates are powered by an electric motor with a grid of sensors. The SG series is based on many years of experience in designing and manufacturing Gastop gates.

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Optical turnstiles – GT

The GT Series is a set of fast sliding gates that provide effective security and rapid user flow. The gates are built using the extensive experience of Gastop company.

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Full height turnstiles – BA3 / GA3 / MA3

Full Height Turnstiles Series BA3 and BL, also known as full-height revolving gates, are robust and durable access control devices. They are commonly found in places such as sports stadiums (with 90 stadiums equipped with Gastop turnstiles) or in high-risk areas like military bases, factories, and airports.

Waist-high turnstiles – BR2 / GA2

Turnstile gates are highly reliable devices with compact dimensions. Tripods ensure effective control of the flow of people in areas with high traffic intensity, in both one-way and two-way modes. The automated rotation of the arm provides a very comfortable passage for users. In the event of a power loss or a signal from the fire system, the horizontal arm automatically drops, creating an emergency passageway.

ADA turnstiles swing gates – HR1 / GR1 / BR1

ADA turnstiles, swing gates are devices most often used as a supplement to access control systems in pedestrian crossings. The uncomplicated construction of tilting gates allows for trouble-free installation and facilitates their possible service.